Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Music discovered at SXSW Part I

I can't help myself.  I've got to blog about this band.  Horse Feathers.  I just purchased their album House With No Home.  It's exactly what I needed.  Exactly what I need right now.  Right Now track no. 9, Different Gray normal, has me in tears.  The Production on this album is exquisite.  The vocals sometimes remind me of a male version of Beth Orton, but I can stand listing to it.  (Sorry Beth, I do love your songs, but I have to take them in small doses).  Plus the vocal production on this album is way drier than the vocals on a Beth Orton Record.

The instrumentation I am in love with.  Acoustic guitar, cello, violins, banjo and mandolin at times, glockenspiel, upright bass, and  . . . I could be missing some instruments.  All I know is that I love STRINGS and I love vocal harmonies.  Drums, hand drums, and electronic instruments are not present on the Record.  They are not missed one bit.  Tastefully they use a tambourine, cymbals, sticks, shakers, etc.  The stringed instruments are very percussive, and the arrangements are giving me a lot of inspiration.

I could go on and on.  Up there on the right corner is the artwork/cover for their album.  Here is a link to their myspace page:

I came across this band while in Austin, TX for SXSW.  A new friend of mine, Nick, and I were outside behind the club Barborella and on the other side of a wire fence Horse Feathers was playing.  We were both diggin it and amazed at the drummer.  He had such a shallow kick drum and he was playing with mallets.  So awesome.  We had to ask someone what the name of this band was.

What is also so amazing . . . just before this I was watching Nick along with Joshua and Geoff perform in Barborella in their band Star & Micey.  I had met Nick and Joshua earlier at a demo listening session during the daytime panels in the conference center.  These two had me totally committed to seeing their set just minutes after meeting them.  They both are From Memphis, TN with such friendly and genuine southern spirits.  Nick immediately was teaching me magic tricks.  Then the next time I saw him in the hall he gave me a HIGH-FIVE.  Now I love me a high five.  So, needless to say I made it to their showcase and loved, loved, loved it.  Around the base of the stage was . . . . [I'm gonna need to finish this later.  So, this is to be continued in my next post.]

Here's a bandcamp widget for Star & Micey

<a href="">Salvation Army Clothes by Star &amp; Micey</a>

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  1. Yo Andy! It's your Miami U. roomate from a lifetime ago, Chris. Ronnie G. told me you had a Facebook page, but I had no idea you were back to recording music! Great stuff, I like the sample I heard of "do it to me one more time." Hope all is well and I hope it's a big success for you. Are you still in SF? Anyway, hit me back with an email sometime when you got some free time: Btw, I hope you enjoyed Austin (I lived there briefly a few years ago and loved it). Latah!


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