Sunday, January 23, 2011

In The Studio with My VP 330

Broke out my Roland Vocoder Plus VP 330 for a track currently titled Addicted (aka In Your Cup).  I'm making a lot of progress and love what is happening.  The VP 330 is one of the tools that really helps me in my songwriting/composing stages.  It's going to make a big appearance on this track.  I can't wait till it's ready for the world to hear.

Other songs I've used this on so far are: In Your Arms, Tried 2 Resist, and Wanting You.

I'm excited to be getting close to having something for y'all to hear.  At the moment I am contemplating releasing my next album in two stages.  Which would mean having something ready for a release in the spring/early summer 2011. . . . .  I'll will post more here as soon as I am more clear with dates and what not. 

It's already 10:30pm!  Yikes.  Time for dinner.

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